Step 1


Using our online form, we can get to know who you are, the location of your project, and a brief description of what it is you want to improve about your home. Upon receiving your contact form, one of our team members will call you within 1-3 business days.

During the initial phone conversation, we can better determine if RM Design Build is the right fit for the job. If so, we will schedule a time for an in-home consultation.

Step 2


This is where it all begins. Our project management team, who is experienced in professional estimation will start by reviewing your property and hearing about the challenges you are currently facing in your home. Here we gather crucial information and have a realistic conversation about budget and timeline. We will also follow the meeting with an email including examples of relevant projects for others in your area.

Step 3


Depending on the scale and nature of the project, our design team will perform a feasibility study of your project that is crucial to the quoting process. This will include information regarding building code and design, zoning bylaws affecting the project, and timeline. Our project management and design team will develop and present a line-by-line item proposal transparently displaying a cost-breakdown.

This price will be honoured, if you decide to partner with RM Design Build on your project.

This will all be presented at a second meeting with our project management and design team.

Step 4


After the quote and feasibility agreement, we will provide you an official design build construction agreement to consider. This will include the quote, scope of work, company policies, warranty and insurance, and approximate project start and end dates. Signing this contract is a making a firm commitment to each other to move ahead with the project.

Step 5


Our design team will now prepare documents and materials for the project approval process. If we determine that a minor variance will be required, we apply on your behalf to the Committee of Adjustment and complete all necessary steps including gathering neighbour statements and attending any public hearings, to receive approval. Simultaneously, our design team will measure your space and begin drafting the architectural plans of your existing and proposed home. Once you have approved these drawings, we will consult with our engineer and complete the final drawing set and any applications for building permit approval.

Step 6


At this time, we will have met to go over wish images and get to know your personality and functional living needs already. You will receive visual concept design boards for any detailed interiors like kitchens and bathrooms as a starting point for material and product selections. At this time our design team will meet with you to begin making material selections, whether it be in store or in home with samples. Following the major material and colour options, you will be given a list of any purchases or selections you need to make, all with our design team guiding your decisions, sourcing
products, and researching options along the way.

Step 7


Our project management team will help you get prepared for the project by providing you with scheduling prior to the start date, to help you prepare necessary accommodations. We will work with you to address issues like access, neighbours, parking, fencing, protection of other parts of your home and landscaping. We will help you establish any items that may be salvageable, and will keep them protected during construction. Our project management team is also experienced and certified in mould and asbestos removal and can arrange necessary services to deal with such issues if they arise.

Step 8


During the construction phase, we take all the necessary precautions protecting the existing parts of your home.

We will provide schedule updates and issue payment invoices at each project milestone.

All our workers are experienced, certified, and insured by WSIB. Our project management and design team will be making constant quality control and design checks throughout the duration of the project and will be on site frequently or available by phone to answer any questions or concerns. Any additions, upgrades, or changes to the scope of work will be documented in an official change order, signed by both parties.

Step 9


As we near the end of construction, Our project management and design team will do a final and thorough walk-through to identify any deficiencies, and help you get to know your newly renovated home. As time goes on, things will settle, humidity and temperature levels will change. For this reason, we offer a warranty to correct any of these issues through the first two years after construction. Products such as cabinets, vanities, and fixtures from our suppliers have individual warranties as well. We pride our selves on quality of work and we don’t disappear the moment your project finishes. We are building lifelong clients here at RM Design Build.